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1) God created all women in His image, female or male. 2) Women are created as sex objects to be enjoyed by men. 3) Women have the same rights as men to a man's bed. 4) If a woman does not want a citas de mujeres man to do anything with her, she should be grateful for her lack of sexuality. 5) Women will never be as beautiful as men. 6) God created women to be used and exploited by men. 7) Feminists have no right to tell men what they can and can't do with their bodies. 8) Men and women are to be treated as equals. 9) When a woman has her period she must take a bath. 10) Women are only good for one thing: to be pregnant. 11) Only a woman is to be considered a "good" woman. 12) Women are to have babies only to kill their husbands. 13) Women are not to have a sexual relationship with anyone but a man. 14) Men should only have sex with their sisters and mothers. 15) Children are to be brought up as Christian soldiers. 16) A man afrointro is to make his own bed and keep it. 17) Men are to have two heads and one wife. 18) Women should not touch the eyes of men, even when they are naked. 19) The female breast is to be covered with a cloth, with a veil. 20) Women are to cover themselves with a robe when they go into the temple. 21) A man may not touch the hem of a woman's dress. 22) No woman shall expose her private parts to a man. 23) The husband is to give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. 24) A woman may not wear anything that exposes her nakedness, such as the full length of a skirt. 25) No woman may display her body in the presence of men. 26) No woman may wear a ring that is larger than two pieces of silver. 27) Women must not teach or assume leadership roles in the Church. 28) Women are to sit at home in quiet contemplation. 29) Women are to avoid all publicity, publicity in which the Church is involved. 30) Women are not to appear naked in public, even to their husbands. 31) All female teachers are to remain chaste, unless the teaching is to be done in a class with men present. 32) All female Church officers must maintain chastity, except in the most special circumstances. 33) In the Church, men are allowed to participate in all activities, but women are not. If women are to be members, they must remain chaste. Women must not wear clothes that reveal their bodies. Women must remain chaste. 34) All Church members must remain faithful and chaste, both of themselves and of their wives and children. 35) A married woman's natural functions, or functions pertaining to the procreation and education of children, should be kept by herself. 36) All children of Church officers, regardless of the status of their parents or in whom they were born, should be baptized, confirmed, or otherwise confirmed as members chat hispano en usa of the Church. 37) A married woman who commits adultery, even though she is not found guilty of any crime, is not permitted to participate in any Church activities unless the accused has first been married. 38) All Church leaders, including members of the First Presidency, should be honest and trustworthy. They should not be influenced by any person. All Church filipinocupid com log in leaders should be truthful with the Church, its members, and the public. 39) No Church official should be married to or have sexual relations with a non-member, as that would violate the covenants made in the temple. 40) The Church should always be prepared for, and respond to, a calamity that threatens our children and our own. As a result, the Church should not be held to ransom by political demands and threats of government intervention. The Church can not be held hostage for political, religious, or financial reasons. 41) The Church and its leaders should always use their position to advocate for good causes, even if the cause is against Church doctrine. 42) The Church should never be asked to support or be amor en linea app forced to subsidize activities or causes that conflict with its teachings. 43) If a member of the Church is caught in a conflict between Church principles and their personal or political desires, they should always be made aware that they will be disciplined and disfellowshipped without a hearing. 44) There should be no public display of faith in a public setting. 45) The President of the Church should always exercise great care trinidad chatroom to avoid situations that can lead to personal or public conflict. 46) The Church has always supported political, moral and social causes that help people, and should not allow a political or moral agenda to interfere with its support of people, its mission or its principles. 47) A person should not use Church resources to promote a political, moral or social cause that conflicts with their own moral or ethical principles. 48) A person should always use the help and support of the Church to promote and defend moral principles. 49) The Church is not a political organization or political party, and it is important for a person to be respectful of its political views and activities. 50) All Church activities should be carried out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Church is called in the Old Testament. The Church is to be the guardian of the Ten Commandments, and the Church's principles should be the moral and ethical laws of the Church. 51) There is a distinction to be made between Church activities and Church teaching, and the two should not interfere with one another. 52) The Church does not want a person to take a position on a political or social issue in order to promote that position in the Church. 53) It is not the duty of a person to become a member of the Church if he or she has no desire to be a part of the Body of Christ and therefore, a person must be willing to give www buscando pareja his or her time, effort and money, and if it is not possible to do that, there is no reason why anyone should join the Church.