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"For the love of God we are not going to give up hope that he will heal our hearts. I just feel sorry for us, it's like God's in a big hurry to do it and we've got to get ready to go." - Christian "It seems like everyone who's coming to this match is a very Christian person who wants to find someone they are compatible with. The question is, will you help them get to know one another? Will you let them know that you are Christian and that you are a believer?" - Pastor J. "Will you go to the lengths to help a person who has had chat hispano en usa the experience afrointro of being cheated on to know the other person is Christian?" - Pastor J. "You see what you see. We can all learn something by helping others to understand and realize the love of Christ in the person we're dating." - Christian "A lot of people are looking for an easy way out." - Christian "I just hope that they are not judging someone in a bad light." - Christian "It feels good, but I am not sure I really want to be with you." - Christian "You don't even have to be an active member of any religion to date." - Christian "My biggest worry is how we get to know each other. How will the other person treat us?" - Pastor K. "I would just like to know what you want out of a partner." - Christian "There is a problem if you are not interested in going to bed with this person." - Christian "What you say is important, but it may not be the most important part of the match." - Pastor A. "I'm glad you think there's value in talking to someone who is gay. I'm just wondering what it's like to not be gay." - Christian "I wish you wouldn't call us 'bored.'" - Christian "You guys aren't that into that 'carnal' stuff." - Christian "It seems you guys are a bit shy around each other. What would you tell someone who is trying to get to know you as a couple?" - Christian "I think if you are single, it would be very easy for you to make a commitment to a girlfriend before a boyfriend. Just don't try to keep her around all the time, unless you have a serious relationship with her." - Christian "I hope that you're a good listener, but I'm still concerned about your judgmental, judgemental side." - Christian "I really hope that it doesn't look like we are in a relationship with her. She can come, but only if you're there." - Christian "There are a lot of couples in the church that think dating is a waste of time, but I don't agree with that." - Pastor A. "If the person you want to go out with doesn't have any sexual preference, I would not date them." - Christian "How did you go out with the woman you had to ask your boyfriend to come out with you? " - Christian "I am so sorry that I can't date you." - Christian "It seems that when you try to explain to a person you are dating that their sexual orientation isn't the end of the world, they think you're trying to take advantage of them." - Christian "You are so young. I think you should have seen it from your own perspective, and from the perspective of the person you filipinocupid com log in would like to be with." - Christian "I would be happy to date you, but you need to www buscando pareja stop dating your girlfriend for a while." - Christian "I've never dated a girl until I was 28. Why not go out with me instead of going on the 'fag out' with your girlfriend?" - Christian "No, I would never do that to someone." - Christian "If you want to date, find a girl who likes you." - Christian "I have no problem with you dating another girl, but if it ever comes to that, you need to tell me first." - Christian "I think dating a guy from your hometown is really strange." - Christian "Why can't we have an open relationship like we have with our sisters?" - Christian "If a girl likes me, I will date her, and if she doesn't, well, what's the big deal?" - Christian "It is just strange how you are treating your boyfriend as though it is your job to protect him and make sure he is in control." - Christian "If you don't like what your boyfriend does, then why are you going out with him?" - Christian "There is no reason why I can't date someone. Why can't I just date a girl that I like? I have a girlfriend, she is just out with her friends." - Christian "I think that you are not as mature as you think you are. You have a boyfriend and then you go out with your boyfriend. You shouldn't be dating guys that your mom is dating." - Christian "There's a difference between 'a Christian woman' and 'a Christian woman who dates a gay man.' A Christian woman dating a homosexual man is just wrong." - Christian "If you want to be a Christian, get a divorce and marry somebody who loves you." - Christian "Just because you have a girlfriend and you say you are not interested in dating them, doesn't mean they amor en linea app aren't a good person." - Christian "Do you think a girlfriend that wants to date a gay guy is like a dog or a kitten that just wants to play with its toys?" - Christian "What are you trying to say by dating a guy?" - Christian "I think you are really missing out on what the Bible says about sex." - Christian "You don't get to tell me what I can and cannot do. I can't give you my opinions on how you can and cannot make love to your boyfriend, and you can't ask me about it because I'm not your girlfriend." - Christian "Why should I marry a girl that I only know about her through a picture of her with her boyfriend? And you say I should marry you, but you have no idea what I am doing?" - trinidad chatroom Christian "Don't you think she is just jealous of your boyfriend? I bet she is." - Christian "You just want to take advantage of me, that's all." - Christian "You are not dating a guy that is a good friend, but your boyfriend citas de mujeres is a friend of yours." - Christian "Just because I've never dated a girl does not mean that I don't like girls, and I really do want to date one, but that doesn't mean I am single and should just pick up a boyfriend from a random hook up place." - Christian "I don't think you need to date any man at all." - Christian "That's what you say, you don't get it.