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Dating a single Muslim girl in Pakistan

What would you do if you met a Pakistani girl with an filipinocupid com log in Islam and a chat hispano en usa Muslim name and she asked you to marry her? I've asked that question to Muslim women in Pakistan.

They told me that they were happy with their choice, that Muslims are free to choose their religion as they wish, and that Muslims were equally able to marry a Christian woman. What surprised me was that Muslims were prepared to marry Christian women. That said, they would marry only to Christians, no one else, except in very special cases. That's what surprised me. I'm not saying that Islam and Christianity don't go well together, just that it's not the case that Muslims would marry Muslims, and vice versa.

Why don't Muslims marry Muslim girls? I've asked that question to Pakistani Muslim girls, but I have to wonder if their reasons were more cultural than religious. I know there are Muslims in Pakistan who marry women of other religions, so maybe this is not as much about culture as it is about religion. However, for those who have been in Pakistan, this is a pretty common practice. It is even encouraged by some Muslims in the Pakistani Muslim community who are part of the conservative, moderate, and liberal groups. These are groups that are often in disagreement on politics, religion, and even religion itself. It is very easy to imagine that Muslims would want to marry other Muslims because there are many Muslim men. Many Muslims live in the Western world, which means that they can marry other Muslims. However, for many Muslims, the practice is quite rare. I have asked that question to Pakistani Muslim men to see what they say about dating other Muslims in Pakistan and I got a surprising response. Here are some of the responses I received, with some explanations from other Muslims.

"I don't date Christians because I consider www buscando pareja them to be apostates, and I have enough problems with them as it is." (Qur'an 5:55) "It is forbidden to marry non-Muslims and non-Christians as long as you are not themselves a Christian." (Qur'an 4:3) "Non-Muslim girls in Pakistan are often subjected to sexual harassment because of their religious identity." (Aisha bint Abdullah bint Abu Bakr) "I have seen Christian girls being treated better trinidad chatroom by Christians than by non-Christians, in my observation." (Abu Ismail) "I've seen Muslim girls being treated more favourably in Pakistan than Christian girls. Muslim girls are more likely to have sex with Christian men than with non-Christian men, and that is something that is not acceptable to me." (Ibrahim b. Ali) "My opinion is that the Muslim and Christian community don't need to compete with each other. They are more than enough. Their religion allows them to be free to be with whomever they wish." (Abu Bakr) "I am married to a Christian girl. I have no problem with Christians and Muslims, or vice versa." (Rabi b. Al-Harith) "I'm a non-Muslim. I've never met a Christian. I don't think my beliefs are the reason I've not met any. I feel a strong sense of solidarity with them." (Mukhtar) "My husband is a Muslim and I am a Christian. I never found the Christian dating website, but I've always been able to find Christians on my own. I know that I've found more Christians afrointro online than Muslims." (Amira) "I don't find anyone from my country here. I am from Saudi Arabia. I don't find anyone who is not from my country." (Rasha) "I'm a Nigerian American, and there is not one single Muslim in our entire area. There are some who have been there for years, but I don't know anyone who has been here for less than 10 years. I find it hard to date anyone from my home country." (Fernando) "I've been dating a Muslim for three years and it's really hard because he's a very closed off guy. I've just met a girl amor en linea app from India who is Muslim and I am dating a guy who is Christian. I don't even know if he's Christian, because we don't know each other, we just see each other." (Rasha) "I've never met a single Muslim in my country. I have friends from Pakistan who were raised in Christian families, and now they're Muslim. It's very difficult to find a Muslim who's not married or married to a woman. It's difficult because they all work and the guys don't like it. I also met citas de mujeres a guy from Canada and we had a very successful relationship, we were dating for more than a year. But he is still a Christian." (Iman)

"Muslims are the same as Christians. They have similar beliefs and beliefs are not changing." (Rasha) "Muslims don't understand how much Christianity has helped me in my life and how much I have helped them. You've taught us a lot about love." (Hussain) "It is very difficult to find a Muslim who is not married, even though I met one guy in America who was divorced and his wife was a Muslim. He didn't even think he was married." (Iman) "We Muslims are like a race. There are not a lot of us, so you have to work hard. Muslims have a different way of living." (Rasha) "You are a Muslim man with a Muslim wife and a Muslim kid. It's really tough for the wife to not have a Muslim kid and the child to grow up to be a Muslim." (Rasha)

These interviews were recorded on December 16, 2015, in Istanbul.

This article was originally published in the February 2015 issue of MENA News, and is republished here with permission from MENA.

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