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This website is dedicated to the memory of those who died fighting for the Catholic amor en linea app Faith in the Holy Land during the Christian Crusades in the first half of the eleventh century, between the years 1099 and 1151. The Crusades were a series of armed crusades that were undertaken to liberate Jerusalem, the holy city of the Catholic Faith. They resulted in the deaths of about one third of the population of Europe. The crusaders were motivated by a simple desire to defend the faith of Christendom. A list of some of the names of the victims of the Crusades, from the earliest citas de mujeres ones to the latest, is provided here. There afrointro are many images, and it is possible to add them to this page. This is what is known as a "searchable website." You can click on the names to see images of each, or to go directly to their websites. In the past two years, the website has been updated and a new set of names added. This includes several young women who were killed on the crusade, and one man who died of old age on the way to Jerusalem in 1184. If you have any information to add to the list, please let me know. I'm not sure of the exact dates, but there are several references to the crusades in the first book of the Bible, Exodus. The first references to it are in Genesis. It was a common religion throughout the Middle East, in Asia, Africa, and Europe for centuries, and it was the major religion of the Christian world, until the Christian Church came along. When we have to fight the Christian world, let's use this as a guide. And what was the name of the first Christian nation? Oh, they called themselves the Israelites. The name comes from the Hebrew word for "man" and the Arabic word for "nation", and it was a Christian religion, because they were the descendants of Abraham and Isaac. So the Bible tells us that there were several different groups of people around the world that worshipped the same God. And the same people that were persecuted for their faith, they were persecuted because of what they believed in. The Christians did not like what the Jews did, so they turned against them. In this respect, the Christian world was very similar to the Islamic world. That's what happened with the Muslim world when Islam was brought to Europe by the Arab Muslims. But the Europeans were tolerant and had no hatred for the Christians. They just accepted them because they were there, but when the Muslims went to Europe, they made a point of not tolerating them. So the Muslims tried to force the Christians out of Europe, and they did this by force, but also by economic warfare. There was a huge amount of economic warfare between the Muslims and the Christians, and the Christians were the victims. And I think, in fact, that the Muslims even tried to get them into slavery, which they didn't like too much, but they did it anyway. So, the Muslims have done some great things in the world today, but the Christians are the victims.

As a result of this economic warfare, and because the Europeans were afraid of the Muslims, which is why they took a lot of precautions, and also because they wanted to keep themselves as close to the Muslims as possible, they didn't allow the Christians to convert the Muslims. So, what happened was that these Christians went to the lands of the Muslims, converted the Muslims, got rid of the Christian presence there, and they went back to Europe. So, they had a good thing going. Now, what happens to the Muslim-Christian relationship is, they're at war with each other, and the Muslims want to wipe them out, so they're not happy about that. They've been fighting in the Middle East since the time of Muhammad. So, the Muslims are the ones who are going to destroy Christians, and that's what is going to happen, but the Christian thing is really not that important. It's the Christian thing that is important.

Question: In what ways is the Christian faith a threat to the Muslim world? Answer: Let me just make a point, I don't know the answer to this, but this is very interesting, because I can't find it in the Bible either, and I don't know what your religion is. But I know, for example, there are three times in the Book of Revelations where there are references to some group or another, and this group is the Church of Jesus Christ. And the church, you know, is a huge force, and there are many groups that call themselves Christians. But if you look at the church, and you take a look at the theology, that's very important, and you can find some really interesting things in that theology. The second reference is when he says, "We must make a covenant with them, that we shall not let you go, and that we will not go away from you, or you will not leave this people, and your land will not become a stranger to you." (Revelations 2:9-12) Now, this is just, you know, a reference to the church, and it's about the church, and the Church is a major force in the world.