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Dominating Christians

We've talked before about how Christianity has become a religion of domination. There is nothing wrong with this, but it should be seen in its proper context. Dominance is not a sign of love, nor is it a sign of submission. It is simply a way of life that is rooted in a fear of losing control, and a desire to have total control. And for the most part, Christians are happy to live this way.

Christianity is built on a very particular kind of dominance, the kind that can only be carried out by the leader. Dominance is not about winning, it's about gaining. Dominating is about controlling , and there is very little love in controlling. But that's what most Christians do! Dominant people, when they don't get their way, are quick to make excuses for their own behavior, claiming that the other guy is in control and the only one in need is to www buscando pareja let him in. And that's the way that Christians believe all power should come from their leadership, even over the weak. And in order to give power to themselves and to the weak, Christians believe in "victimology", which says that the only thing a victim needs is to be made to feel sorry for him, and amor en linea app it should be as easy as possible for the victim to forgive the offender. And because they are all about winning, they are willing to put the weak in their place, making him feel worthless, making him do anything he is told, anything except for forgiveness. In this world, it is about control, and it is about not having to deal with reality. This is not how love is supposed to be.

There's also a lot of "victimization" and "defensive" behavior going on in Christianity today. I'll talk about those more in the next chapter. And, you know, that's not all. There's also a whole lot of "theocratic misogyny" and "cultural imperialism" in filipinocupid com log in Christianity as well. And, of course, there is the issue of sex and sex work, which you can read more about here. And, while I've already made this a very long post, I think it's time to talk about the fact that the Bible has an astonishing amount of "misogyny" and "sexism" in it. That's not to say that there isn't a lot of good and inspiring stuff about the Bible in it, as I just mentioned. It just means that I think that those "misogyny" and "sexism" are a part of Christianity as much as the stuff about sex and sex work and the like. But, of course, that's just my opinion, not fact. There are many Christian apologists out there who take an "evangelicalism is about being nice" and "the Bible is about being true to your faith" chat hispano en usa approach to religion, even if it doesn't always translate into actual, meaningful, and lasting change for people. This approach has its flaws, but it is a part of the popular religion in America, and it is one that is quite popular. And, I don't see that changing anytime soon. So, while I understand how it feels to be one of those Christians, I think that I would be a hypocrite if I were to say that my views on the subject are based on the Bible, or that I have any reason to believe that afrointro it is the best book in the world. I think that there is much more that the Bible is teaching us than we usually get to see. That said, I do have a point that I'd like to make. If it is the Bible that has the power to change people for the better, why do so many Christians find it so difficult to recognize that? How can we say that we don't want to change people, when we're afraid to face up to the fact that we do? I'm sure there are plenty of Christians out there who would say that I am wrong about that. I'd be happy to listen to them out loud. They are not alone. I also know a couple of people who, if they just citas de mujeres look at the Bible, would see that there are many things in it that seem to contradict what Jesus said. If they just look for the contradictions, they'd find more than enough evidence for the contrary. That would not change the fact that Christianity as they know it is true. I know many Christians, even today, who are in love with the truth. I know they have made their own discoveries about it over time, and they are able to live a happy and fulfilling life. I know they are free. They don't have to choose between being Christian and being happy. They can enjoy the truth about the truth, while being happy, and have their own life and relationship without any sort of conflict. The other thing that I think many Christians will find interesting is to look at the way the Christian community is currently living, and the way the Bible is living, and find some similarities and differences. For example, many Christians are currently engaged in a lot of sexual indiscretions. In fact, most Christians (and even non-Christians) are now more interested in sexual activities and how they feel about that than they are in following the Bible. This will be interesting for the new Christians and those who have been studying the Bible for a few years. I think that Christians will be a bit more aware of the sexual immorality that they are engaging in. And if that sexual immorality gets them into trouble, they will know that they can just talk about it with their friends. This will trinidad chatroom be a good time to point out the following: There is a great difference between speaking out against sexual immorality and saying, "I don't approve of what you're doing." What is being approved? For most people, it's not being sexually immoral but rather being immoral in other ways.