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cupido dominicano

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One day, while he was eating the main course, a man walked up and sat down next to Ahab. When he ate, he said to him, "Lord Ahab, how nice it is to know you are alive." Ahab was amazed. A few days later, Ahab was sitting at the dinner table, and a beautiful woman sat next amor en linea app to him. Ahab asked, "What's your name?" The woman responded, "Catherine." Ahab told her, "You must have had a very good life." "I did, but I was not born to this life." The woman told him about a man she had seen who looked like a prophet and who had lived among them for four years. "You must have met him, because he was very famous." "Well," the woman said, "he is the prophet Joseph. We can get a portrait of him in the royal chapel. His name is Elijah." Ahab told the woman, "No, I must have known him when he was a young man." A young man walked by and the young man called out to him. "Joseph," the man said, "you must be the son of Ahab." The young man said, "Yes, Elijah." Elijah was a very old man. He was only one hundred years old. He was from Judah.

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