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cristianas solteras

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The leader of the "Christian Nation" group, the "Biblical Society of Las Vegas," and the "Biblical Alliance," has been caught in the most explosive scandal of this generation. On December 14th, 2014, "Biblical Alliance" member, Matthew Shephard, was arrested by federal agents after federal agents raided his residence and business. According to federal court records, during the search of Shephard's office, they found a copy of The Family Bible, a religious text written in "Bible Standard English." Shephard is also an active member of the "Biblical Alliance," which is an international organization formed in 1993 to provide a bridge between the "Bible" and "Bible Standard English" that is common in the United States. According to a statement by Matthew Shephard, "I don't believe that there is such a thing as one 'Biblical Standard English' that is right for all, or even in the same general area as other standard English, and I will not have anyone in my group that will promote any such idea."

In his statement, Shephard also admitted that he had previously received an invitation from the "Biblical Alliance" to citas de mujeres speak on the "New World Translation" of the Bible at a "Relevant Conference." He said:

"A conference for the New World Translation of the Bible is a non-issue to me. It is a 'Christian' conference." (Source: Christian News)

According to the Bible, the "Bible Standard English" was created by English clergymen and it is not a "Christian" translation at all. The "Biblical Alliance" has been working closely with the "Relevant Conference" to afrointro promote their ideas and to make the "Bible" mainstream, a word they want to use to mean anything Christians want it to mean. When speaking of "relevance" Matthew Shephard said "I don't have a problem with it if it serves their own purpose." (Source: Christian News)

Another example of their tactics is that they created an advertisement for a new book called "The Bible for Children" on which a picture of a black child can be seen and a quote by a white man can be heard. The same book is also advertised at the Christian bookstore called The Bible. (Source: Christian News)

In an article entitled "Why The Bible Is No More" the "Christian Alliance" states that "The Bible Standard English" has been produced with a "Christian Agenda." The "Christian Alliance" describes "Bible Standard English" as a "textual revision" of the "Old Testament" in order to "improve the English language so that the Bible is more accessible to a wide public." The "Christian Alliance" states: "We don't oppose any form of English Bible translation. But our goal is to give readers a Bible that is relevant and accessible. We believe the Bible is the Word of God and that God's words should be translated into English in such a way that the reader can understand and interpret them in the way he or she is most likely to. The New Testament contains some passages which may have to be interpreted differently than in other versions. We don't believe that is acceptable in the 21st Century. The translation of the Bible is the responsibility of the translator and not the Bible. To quote the New Testament's teaching on this: "For we have the words of eternal life. … Therefore we preach and testify that the testimony which we give is worthy of all acceptation, that you may know that we are in Christ Jesus and the Father is in Christ Jesus." (1 Corinthians 2:11,14) So it is for you to decide whether you think a verse in the Bible can be interpreted differently from what it is in other versions. Do not accept any translations except those of the Bible itself.

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