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"There is more to Christianity than just one man, one church and a set of doctrines. In fact Christianity, as citas de mujeres I see it, is a movement that is as much a movement as a religion. As a movement, it has its own rules for conduct, and as a religion, it is its own entity. But it is not just a collection of man-made beliefs that have survived the millennia. The Christian message is a message of hope and salvation." – Dr. Joseph C. Hill, Professor of Christian Theology

At Notre Dame University

"The Christian is a Christian; a Christian is an American citizen of the United States of America." – Thomas Jefferson

"If a man is unwilling to work, or is not able to earn, he should be content to starve to death. The more miserable a man is the more should he be content." – Pope Saint Pius V

"The doctrine of original sin has been a powerful force in our history, not only in the United States, but also throughout history, in Europe, and in Asia." – President Barack Obama

"The Bible is filled with the most wonderful stories of human achievement. … The story of Abraham is the story of how people are able to come together, to overcome adversity, to be a better version of themselves, to love and to forgive, to learn from one another and to work to build a better tomorrow." – Pope Francis

"Jesus, the man, was born to be crucified and died a sinless death. The Son of God was born to die, so that the world might live to become a better place." – Pope Francis

"I am convinced that Jesus Christ has come not only to save our souls, but to save the world." – President Barack Obama

"In Jesus, you see the most human, the most generous, the most humble of men. … I can see in Jesus a new millennium of hope, of brotherhood, of unity and of peace." – Pope Francis

"There are some things in life which you must do, that you cannot just do on your own, that you must rely on others." – Pope Francis

"If it were not for you the world would go into a state of chaos. I think that you are doing the world a great disservice if trinidad chatroom you don't think this. … You know you can do everything alone, but I think it is better to think and to work together than to stand by and don'thing and to let everything happen by itself." – Pope Francis

"No matter what you do, you cannot change the world. You can only change the people." – Pope Francis

"The only one who can help us understand that we are on a voyage of salvation is Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and was buried; who was raised for our sins, who is at the right hand of the throne of God; who appeared to the apostles and was seen by them and took away their sins, who went ahead to the lost sheep of the house of Israel; who was betrayed by Judas Iscariot and brought into the power of Satan and has amor en linea app been crucified. We should follow the example of Jesus, who was killed and was buried. We can say, "That was our Savior." The Lord is the one who has come to the rescue of the world. He has come to rescue us and is on our side." – Pope Francis

"We are sinners! We are so often told that we are sinners, but that is not what we are! We have to go on our journey and be more perfect, just like Jesus, who was on our side in the cross. I believe chat hispano en usa in the love of God, and I believe that Jesus will come back to us. If the Church is a bridge between two worlds, this www buscando pareja bridge is between us and Jesus." – John Paul II

"God is love; and in love he creates all things, good and bad." – Pope Francis

"No one will go to Heaven unless he has lived the good. No one goes to Heaven if he is born a good person, a good man, a Christian. It doesn't matter. No one has to believe in the good or the bad. The only question is the eternal existence of God. I believe that the human condition is good and true." – Pope Francis

"When one's body dies, it leaves behind the soul, but one's soul does not die until one's spirit dies. Thus, the only difference between the living and the dead is that the dead have no body but are still able to think, to think deeply about things, and to think of God. And this is why I don't think that people can live in any situation but with a deathless spirit. If a human being can believe and feel deeply about something, that's his death, not mine. And I say that to be an atheist means to feel that the world is going on in a manner that is not good and right for man. This is not a position that has anything to do with my religious belief. And it's a position that I don't subscribe to." – Pope Benedict XVI, January 2010

"Our God is love, love is God. That is a fundamental truth that is shared by all the religions. In fact, the filipinocupid com log in Christian faith says that if there is no God, man is nothing." – Pope John Paul II

"There is no religion without God. All religions are based on this, and the most powerful religions on this." – Pope Francis

"I don't like the word 'God, because the word has been so over-used that it no longer means what it means, at least not to me. I don't see God as a person. I see God as the Father. He loves me and wants to make me happy, so that's my relationship with God." – Pope Francis, December 2008

"Jesus said, 'For all we have is the gift of God, and he has sent us to proclaim the good news to the lost.' If that is true, then you should be interested in Jesus because afrointro he did not have an earthly life. He was alive, and you have to live for eternity.