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In the following interview, Dr. Steve and Dr. Richard discuss how the Church must continue to evolve and grow to continue to fulfill the promises afrointro of God to us as disciples, how we as Christians must strive to be disciples of Jesus Christ by being active in the Kingdom of God, and what we as Christians can do in our daily lives to serve and lead others.

How are people approaching you?

Richard: The first person I ever met, it was after my ordination, was a Catholic priest who had studied with a Dominican monk. He said, "I just got back from a trip to a parish in Mexico. I want to be ordained as a priest in Mexico, but I can't do it here. Can you help me?" I said, "Yes, I can." He asked me if I wanted to learn more about the Church there. I said sure, and he took me to see the bishop. We spent a few hours in the bishop's office and I said, "Now that we have this opportunity together, I want to learn how to be a priest." He said, "Well, I can't give you a degree, but you can do an apprenticeship. You can go to an accredited program, do what you want to do, get a degree, get a job." I thought, "I'll do that." After that, I had a priest friend who was in the same program, a Catholic who citas de mujeres had a job. He was ordained. He had never learned how to do any kind of work. He got a job as a security guard, doing security for Catholic churches. He didn't even know how to make the phone call to people who were not Catholics. The guy had never been in the church, so he didn't know how to do this. So he was a complete failure, but the idea was that we would learn. It became a two-year program, which was a real success. And so, they invited me to teach the classes. It was my job to put on the classes.

The students were all very nice, very respectful. They were not so bad, but they were not the best I had ever seen. The teachers, on the other hand, were really awful, and their courses were mostly in Spanish. The students were so rude, they had to be disciplined by having their clothes removed, which was very, very degrading. The first thing the instructors would do was say "Oh, you speak Spanish?" And they would try to get the students to go into the room, and they would sit down in their seats, and say "Oh, I speak Spanish, too. Now what we need you to do is sit down on one of the tables, and say that you can't speak Spanish." And the students were like "No!" and "No!" And the instructors would just be like "OK. Let's go ahead." And then, after a while, they'd go back and get the other students, and they'd say "Oh, we're having a problem. It's really difficult for you to speak Spanish, because you haven't been able to read the dictionary. Now what you need to do is go to the dictionary store and get the dictionary you've been meaning to read, and read it until you understand all the words in the dictionary." So they'd get another student, and the students would all sit down, and one of them would say "Oh, I read this in the dictionary, but it doesn't trinidad chatroom help me now." And then they'd go in and start reading. The second thing the instructors would do is that they'd www buscando pareja always tell the students, "You must not drink or eat during class. Do not eat during class." And the students would get mad and say "You mean I can't eat?" And the instructor would say, "No, you can't eat. You have to do this." "What is the answer to that?" they'd all say, and the instructor would be like, "No, it's really important, because if you can't do it, you will fall behind, because when you do fall behind, you will have no one to help you." So the instructors would say, "So here's how to do it, if you have no other way to learn Spanish. You don't have to read any more, you have to memorize all the words in the dictionary. If you can't memorize them, just put them all on your tongue at the same time, and when you want to eat or drink, just look to the left or right and see if you have to do this or that, and you'll be fine. And you're gonna be the best Spanish teacher you've ever had!" And you have to be honest with them, because I'd do it all the time, "What are you thinking about when you are eating or drinking?" "I'm thinking about how you should talk to my friend, and what if I do something wrong?" And they would be like "Oh, it's so simple." And then we'd always say, "Well what's your name? Where's your parents from?" They'd always ask what my name was, and I would tell them, "They came with me when I got here, and I'm really sorry I didn't tell them sooner, because they're so great." I was really sorry because I was so proud of them, and I told them what I was doing, and they were very happy for me. And the whole thing was to really get them excited about learning the Spanish language. I think it really helps for a little kid to go to a school that filipinocupid com log in is going to take you as seriously as you do. In fact, I think it's a really great thing. And a lot chat hispano en usa of times we are talking to the Spanish teacher and say, "Oh my God, this is so amazing, I can really go out amor en linea app on the playground and make friends with the kids." And she's like "Oh, you're just not used to that." But if you've got a little kid that's just like, "I can't believe that's happening right now, I want to go to a Spanish school like this," you've got a problem.