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Afrointroduction Sign in is the official sign in for our dating group, Afrointroduction. Our site offers thousands of resources for your wedding, engagement and honeymoon. We're happy to provide you with a free download of our eBook The Best Way To Marry Your Romantic Dreamer. We've got something for every taste and lifestyle! Join our newsletter to stay informed about our newest content. It's easy! Just CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to learn more about this service, feel free to download our eBook. You can view our site and book it by using our convenient form. If you've never been to an Afrointroduction class before, there is no better time to experience the Afro and African Diaspora. We offer several courses each semester for both beginners and advanced students, and the entire curriculum is accessible online for your convenience. Each class includes an Afro introduction as well as a Q&A session, and it's guaranteed to teach you something new that you may never have seen before. Whether you want to learn about the people and cultures of Africa, or you just want to learn how to talk to and be accepted in people of African heritage, we're here to help! To learn more about our class schedule, contact us and we'll be happy to help! For the next five months, we'll be offering Afrointroduction classes in every major city in the United States. Each class is free, and you can register online by clicking the link above. Please take your time and register for your class to give yourself plenty of time to study, and then get some practice. Your first class will begin in the fall and continue until January. Please help us continue to provide this invaluable resource. Our goal is to have a list of all of the places we've offered Afrointroduction in every major city, along with the information on how you can get involved in the class! If you're interested in participating in any of the Afrointroduction classes, click here to find out how! If you've been to one of the previous Afrointroduction classes, you may have noticed a change in the topic. That's because this class is about learning more about African culture. Afrointroduction is a two-part class. First, we'll start off with what's familiar and familiar with our students - a lot of people in the class will have heard about the Afro. This is the first class where we will be teaching a lot about Africa, not just the Afro. Our class will teach African culture by learning about what it means to be an African. This is the second class where we'll be talking about Africa in the modern day and in general. Afrointroduction is an inclusive class for everyone. While the Afrointroduction class is a little more focused on the Afro than other classes, we still want it to be fun and engaging for everyone. So let's get into it! You will need: 1) A pencil and paper. 2) A pair of headphones to listen to music. 3) Some sort of marker and ruler. 4) An afro (or a photo of an afro to help you remember that you're doing the class.) 5) You should be wearing a nice black shirt and some nice black pants (or some other color that suits you.) 6) A hat, and a necklace (which you will need to keep from getting dirty, as you will be interacting with many other people in class. This is to help you get used to how the students will be handling the different color of clothing.) 7) You should be aware that the class will be mostly in Spanish, but English is taught in the future. 8) The class will be held at the UO. 9) You should know that there are no requirements for attendance. Your teacher will just expect you to be ready to meet new people! 10) You may be asked to do a little bit of work. You don't have to give a full explanation of the work, but if you can, please do. My teacher was very understanding of how hard this was. He made me promise to work hard in class and that I'd go through with it if it was needed. 11) You will be allowed to leave the class at anytime. However, your teacher will still ask you to be back for two more classes the next day. 12) You will be told to be quiet. You will probably hear comments like "I'm glad you're here. I didn't want to go to class today." "That's great. Now I have a chance to talk to your parents." If you are the only black woman in class and your teacher makes fun of you, you can tell him to fuck off and he won't have to make fun of you anymore.