What is SelSus

The full title of SelSus is: "Health Monitoring and Life-Long Capability Management for Self-Sustaining Manufacturing Systems"

The vision of SelSus is to create a new paradigm for highly effective, self-healing production resources and systems to maximise their performance over longer life times through highly targeted and timely repair, renovation and up-grading.

The SelSus vision will be achieved by the development of a new synergetic diagnostic and prognosis environment which is fully aware of the condition and history of all the machine components within a system or factory and is in constant knowledge enriched dialogue with their human personnel.

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The Benefits

  • Maximised system performance
  • Improved resilience & long term sustainability
  • Minimised energy & resource consumption
  • Full awareness of system conditions and history



Latest News

42 months meeting of Selsus members in Porto


March 27th to 30th at the ISR-P, Institute for Systems and Robotics - Porto hosted by the FEUP -...

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Workshop for industrial partners in Budapest


October 6th 2016 - 11:00 to 15:00, Budapest, Pannon Kincstár Learning Center

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Fact Sheet on Smart Components


Co-FACTOR (H2020 CSA) concluded a one-pager FactSheet to explain the experts' opinion on Smart...

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Who is SelSus

It´s a network itself.

The Consortium constituted on the basis of the project needs and provides excellent coverage, both in terms of industrial and scientific competences and complementary.

Our Team

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